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Cash Management Report FF7B - drill-down from planning levels to AP/AR OIs

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I'm configuring cash management and have created all planning levels and groups needed.

All master data, ie GL accounts, vendors and customers, have the correct planning level or group.

I've created all the groupings etc that I need.

I'm running the reports FF7A and FF7B. I have two questions and problems.

1. When running the Liquidity Forecsat for customers and vendors I drill-down to the standard PL or SL planning levels for AP and AR postings respectively. Then I drill into the planning groups correctly (E1-E9 and R1-R8). But when I try to drill into the cash management detail records (or is it the AP/AR line items?) I get "Memo Records: List - List Contains No Data". This happens every time. Should I now see the AP or AP line items? Or should I see some cash management memo records? I have deleted all the cash management data several times and recreated but I still get this problem (using reports RFFDDL00 and RFFDKU00)

When I do the same for purchase orders, purchase requisitions or sales orders I see a Memo Records List which agrees with the previous planning level total and I can then drill into the actiual POs, PRs or SOs from this list without an issue.

2. When running the Cash Position and I do the drill-down to the GL Line Items, I get an enormous list which does not just show the total of items at the previous planning level. Why is this please? Example: a bank account with a balance of £2,000 (shown on the panning level) but with 000's of line items totalling say £5m. Again I have deleted the CM data and recreated but without any improvement to the problem.

Any help anyone can give me with these issues will be very much appreciated.



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Answers (3)

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I have the same trouble with Tcode FF7B. There´s a message "Memo Records: List - List Contains No Data"; bit in the TcodeFF7A, it runs OK. The message appears just witn Tcode FF7A.

Also, There´s all TR data in tables FDSB for GL accounts, FDSR and FDFIEP for customers/vendors.

Can you help me?? can you solved this issue?

Tanks for your Help

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i had the exact same problem and could not find a good answer anywhere, so here it goes:

In customizing you should set different Planning levels in the planning types of the memo records, separating them from other FI documents.

dont forget also to check in the "maintain structure" to make sure it will show in the defined groupings.

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I am having similar problem. While using Drilldown report for liquidity forecast I am able to see the summation data which is as per the FDSR table. But while drilling down to line item level it says " list contains no data".

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PLease run FDFD to build up the database. Start first in Test system and check.