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Cartonization Proposal always suggesting small PSHU in EWM

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Hello Team,

I have below scenario:

the outbound delivery order has 4 line items of 2 materials in each line item. 1000002181 has volume of 5 CCM, 1000002183 has volume of 2 CCM. the total volume of the ODO is coming around 430 CCM, when i run Cartonization planning for waves, it is proposing 2 6074 Material BOX_SMALL cartons. I was expecting system to propose 1 6075 Material BOX_MEDIUM carton? ( the CP is done based on Volume and not weight)

Please find the below log

Outer carton

Packaging Specification for cartonization

6074 Material BOX_SMALL

6075 Material BOX_MEDIUM

6076 Material BOX_LARGE

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Answers (1)

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Try to put packaging specifications in the condition records other way around ( counter 1 biggest, counter 3 smallest).

System expects it to be sorted, but I forgot descending or ascending.