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Cannot update COO in EWM IBD

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I am using embedded EWM with S/4 HANA 2020. Creating IBD against PO which is flowing successfully to EWM (material is batch managed & batch is activated at material level). I am creating batch during create IBD stage in S4 before flowing to EWM. Batch number successfully flows to EWM IBD.

When I try to update country of origin (COO) in this batch in EWM (using /SCWM/PRDI), system is automatically reverting COO value to blank while saving. However, I am able to update SLED & vendor batch in this batch. Issue is only happening with COO.

Is there any specific reason for this behavior. Has anyone faced this situation.

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Since you have created the batch in ERP, EWM "thinks" that ERP is the leading system. Hence, you cannot change the COO of the batch in EWM.

I would suggest to determine the COO and add it in ERP itself when you are creating a new batch.

Then, it would flow to EWM without any issue.

Best regards

Janardhan S Musigeri