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Cancelled ABD posting date is not the current date

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Dear Experts ,

Can you please advise of below concern.

I have an Freight settlement document created an posted on say 27 January ( PO->SES>cost distribution document created and release to accounting) with posting date 27 January and looks good.

Due to some invoice mismatch , i have cancelled above FSD on 5th Feb as a result -

1) PO item is set to deletion

2) SES cancelled and 102 (GR) posted with 5th Feb

but now the problem is reversal cost distribution document which is created has posting date of original FSD (27th Jan) and can't release to accounting as Jan month period is closed.

Isn't this strange to have posting date and document date in reversal Cost distribution document not the current date.

Also posting date in not editable.

I think many customer do face this issue. Kindly advice how to proceed further, Any standard config piece i am missing .

Thanks and best regards.

Gautam S

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Answers (1)

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As standard - As long as MM posting period is open, system will cancel SES on the day of original posting. If MM period is closed then cancellation happens in current date .

**ABD pick posting date from SES**