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Cancellation of co-product

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Hello everyone,

when we have a producton order we use co-products as well. So when our client goes into /grpi there are three positions. One main position and two co-products. He then created a delivery for the main product andbooked GR. On accident he also created a delivery for a co-product as well. Now we want to cancel the delivery of the second delivery. GR and everythign is booked so I wouldn't know how to do it except via Inventory or Unexpected Goods Issue.

In the Migo I did go to the production order but because it is a co-product it only shows the main product which we don't want to cancel. When I go the migo and try to cancel via the material document of the delivery, I get the error message, that the material with the excact batch etc. is not there. But in EWM and ERP excactly the said product with batchnumber etc. is available so I think there is another reason why it isn't working. There is nothing in the queue either.

Could someone please help me to cancel the GR?

Thanks a lot!

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