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Can we run MRP in IBP

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Hello Team,

We are not able to run the MRP in S/4HANA because of some constraints like multiple BOM but looking to implement IBP for demand planning now. So, what should we do? We should first rectify the issues and run the MRP in S/SHANA or IBP will take care it. Can we run MRP in IBP?

Thank You

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Community Manager
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Hi Ravi,

Yes Indeed..

But in IBP, we don't call it MRP, rather Supply Planning Algorithm(namely Heuristics and Optimizer).

MRP has lots phases such Demand Management(with versions), Safety Stock Update, MRP live(to generate Receipts) and so on..

In IBP also, we do have spaces to perform Demand Management and Safety Stock update . But they are maintained as Separate entities. From IBP perspective, We can associate only the Supply Planning with MRP.

Procurement Planning as well as Production Planning can be done very better than MRP considering the appropriate Sourcing Ratio maintained in proper Master Data.

Best Regards,


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MRP in SAP IBP is possible in IBP S&OP and Response & Supply module in the form of Heuristics and/or Optimiser engine`. MRP is not a capability of IBP Demand component that focuses on generating demand forecast by statistical means from history data and further enhanced by planners.

BTW if you are not able to run MRP in S/4HANA due to multiple BOMs (not sure about the scenario) then it will not get solved in SAP IBP. IBP is planning application that has its own master data which is integrated with S/4HANA so that planning and execution are aligned.

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If possible can you let me know the disadvantage or advantages of running MRP in IBP vs S/4HANA?