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Calculate Pallets for Inbound Deliveries from Quantity Ordered



I have a list of inbound deliveries.

Within the inbound delivery I have Quantity at Item level.

I am required to calculate the number of pallets if the Quantity is "EA".

For this I need the quantity of Items per Pallet (TIHI).

Because this is a Fiori App I am composing a CDS View.

Is anyone aware of a CDS View that can get me the TIHI for an inbound shipment by Item?

In EWM one can use the FM /SCWM/API_PACKSPEC_READ to get the TIHI.

Obviously the FM is not accessible from within CDS Views.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Hi Bernard,

you would start with table PNODID field PNAME and insert the Name of the packspec, for example 1000001 and get the field PNGUID. With the PNGUID field will now be entered into the field PGUID of table PALTID and there you would select the field PAGUID. With the PAGUID field you can now open table /SCWM/PAPAK and enter the value form PAGUID into the field PAGUID of table /SCWM/PAPAK.

That should be the data you've been looking for.

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