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Buy item, different PN for different Package Qty

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I need help determining the best way to proceed.

The scenario

We build an assembly that has BOM. One of the parts is a common part(a bolt). We buy this bolt from a Vender. this vender sells the part under 4 different part numbers.

PN# 123456 = bolt as a each

PN# 7891011 = bolt as package 25

PN# 1213141 = bolt as package 100

PN# 5161718 = bolt as package 1000

in our BOM we use the PN for the eachs (#123456). When I order the parts I need 10 but the vender might only have a package of 100 so I would want to order that PN on a PO with Qty 1 . When I receive 1 of the 100 QTY item now I need to "break" that part into the eachs PN at Qty 100

This is in SAP B1

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