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Blocking stock for VIP customer

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For our VIP customer (number 414268) we need block some quantities on our stock in the system. We don’t want to use another location or plant because the physically place for these material will be the same for all customers.

My idea (for example) - see attachment blocking_stock_VIP.jpg:
Physically stock is 140 pcs.
Actual situation - all customers can block all this quantities to 0 pcs (all stock quantities).
I would like to block 30 pcs only for customer 414268 => all customers can block only 110 pcs (red filling) but customer 414268 can block all quantities 140 pcs(yellow filling).

I have got about 100 materials where I would like to block a certain quantities for them in stock.

Is it possible to set this in SAP?

Thank you for your answer.

Best Regards, Petr

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Answers (2)

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If you are in ECC, you can execute MB1A with movement type 412E which will reserve the stock for that customer. If you are in S/4 Hana, execute MIGO with the same movement type

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Hello petr_metela

your requirement is an important and very common requirement in many industries.thier are multiple approaches to this solution. In case you are not running ATP checks on sales order and still want to hold some stocks for specific high value customer, you can do so with MRP area activation. MRP area in a combination of PLANT_STORAGELOC. then you can allocate the stock in a different MRP area and then all SO for those VIP customers need to be cut from a MRP AREA level not just location.

Incase you have ATP process in place and assuming that you are using AATP in S4 / GATP in APO / Confirmation in OBP, you can prioritise the allocation of stocks based on Customer priorities.

Hope this helps