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Bin sorting and activity area, SBST or SRTUP

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We are currently in a EWM implementation and were recommended by consultant to manually upload the bin sorting with /SCWM/SRTUP instead of running /SCWM/SBST which use customizing to do the sorting. My philosophy is to always let the system do the work for you when it's possible, i'm trying to understand what is generally used, SRTUP or SBST? Other than being able to change sorting manually on the fly without changing customizing, why would anyone do that manually?

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Answers (2)

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I'm trying to upload the storage bin sorting via /SCWM/SRTUP and before doing it, I have deleted the sorting from /SCWM/SBST.

The upload was done correctly and can be seen in the table LAGPS, but the issue is that the system doesn't take the correct sorting while doing some tests.

What impacts the sorting and makes it not working correctly?

Thanks in advance

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it depends on customer or project requirements:

1) If consultants/customers are unfamiliar with the customizing, they rather prepare the CSV-file with help of a spreadsheet editor. Lateron upload the bin sorting.

2) If key users are not allowed to change customizing but they should adjust bin sorting, they could be granted the change via file.

3) Legacy WMS offers easy download of the bin sorting -> adjust file -> upload to EWM

4) Custom bin sorting logic that cannot be covered with the combinations of generation by customizing.
Example: Distributive putaway that goes beyond CLSP. Or alternating/random access in stock removal to avoid congestion.