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Benefit of using Bulk storage instead of normal warehouse type

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Hi there,

We have two different scenarios and I can't see a benefit of bulk storage.

Scenario 1:

Physically it is a small bulk storage area in the warehouse where all the stuff is basically thrown into a few bins. You don't need any capacity checks, so we want to make it as simple as possible. Mixed storage and the availability level is set at the bin level, so the HU always has to be scanned.

Scenario 2:

We have a physical bulk storage area with many bins. Some of them require a capacity check. At first I wanted to do it through the bulk storage control, but I can't see the benefit of using it. There is more stuff to maintain for each HU type in the bulk storage strategy definition. And even when I move an HU type into the bin, it checks for the maximum capacity according to the bulk storage in combination with the bin, but it is still possible to move different HU types into the bin as well. So there is a mix of HU types in this one bulk bin.

So now my question:

Why shouldn't I just use the regular capacity check and save all this time on customizing? For the few bins that require the capacity check, I could just define it in the bin and the HU type and leave the others as just a regular bin where all the stuff gets posted to. Physically it is a bulk bin but systemically it is a regular bin with settings like mixed storage allowance and availability level. Is there anything I am missing that would make using bulk storage necessary?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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