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Bad performace when querey table /SCDL/DB_STATUS

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Hello Everyone:

We are now experiencing bad performance issues on goods receive process. That's we can see long time reading on table /scdl/db_status through sm50/sm66 like the attachment picture . But it not happens every time. Sometimes it take a longtime that's we can see the process in SM50/SM66. But the other time, it can be executed quickly. Do anyone have any idea to how analyze this problem?

By the way, I don't think it's a archive problem. Although the table /scdl/db_status is very big, but it not always take a bad performace. Maybe it's running ok in the afternoon, but it takes bad performace in the morning.

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it is not enough information to say anything. maybe database sometimes overloaded. it is Hana and there not enough memory, and table is getting swapped, or maybe there are no index for this select. You can try to start with DB02 there is special node for Long running Queries and you can check it maybe, as well other nodes for Performance could be helpful