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Avoid using Transshipment Location for specific Origin or Destination

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Hello TM Gurus,

Need your help to move forward in implementing a new system behavior for route determination. As per our current system setup - All shipments going out of supplier A use transshipment location XD (XD is assigned as a transshipment location to zone containing location A). The resulting behavior is as below (1).


We are now working to add more flexibility in routing and are working to achieve the below behavior instead-


In order to achieve this we have tried the below steps -

Remove A from the zone definition (to avoid relationship of zone with default transshipment location)

Set lanes between A->XD and XD->C, K and P

Direct lanes between A->S and A->O

Route determination still follows the behavior (1). Any inputs to implement behavior (2) would be highly appreciated.


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Answers (2)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Ashish,

I assume the destination is the final delivery location of the freight unit. Have you tried setting up Freight Unit - Transshipment Location incompatibilities(Incompatibilities Type 04), based on destination location of freight unit and transhipment location ID. This way you could influence which destination locations should actually never go via the transhipment location at XD(if this is the requirement).



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Hi Ashish,

How about Default Route Option instead of Transshipment location?

Define Default routes A->XD and XD->C, K and P (3 Default Routes)