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AUTO Pick WT triggering without Condition record

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Maybe i missed some config .. this is my issue.

I Assigned Action Definition (/SCWM/PDO_02_WT_CREATE) to a Warehouse and did below condition record setup.

when i created a new delivery it distributed to EWM and PPF triggered and WO created. - this is Good.

When i deleted the WO to make BIN change , it triggered the PPF and a new WO created, every time i delete it triggering the PPF.. but my condition record is setup to trigger for Change Mode 'I'. - something is not correct.

while analyzing above issue, deleted the condition record, still it is triggering PPF and AUTO creating the WO. -

Then i removed the Determination procedure and it stopped triggering with or without condition record.

what is that i am missing in config, that is causing this issue?

I am sure something is not setup correctly, i am unable to trace that missing piece...



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