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Auto packing in inbound delivery not working in S4 embedded EWM 2020

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Dear experts,

In S4 embedded EWM 2020, I am trying to implement auto packing of HU once inbound EWM delivery is distributed to EWM.

I have maintained all required configuration and pack spec.

Have followed many SAP help blogs and made sure (I think) configuration is correct.

"No automatic packing" indicator is disabled for inbound document in configuration.

Pack spec is active, "HU creation" indicator on pack spec is enabled.

Pack spec has condition type 0IBD set at product level (condition table: SAPIBD03)

Yet, system is not generating HU once delivery is distributed to EWM.

Note - If icon "Pack automatically" is clicked, system is generating HU correctly and determining pack spec.

Can you please advice what needs to be checked or maintained?


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Hello all,

Issue is resolved.

Root cause: SAP ID which creates EWM inbound delivery lacked security authorizations to pack stock in HU automatically.

After providing those missing authorizations, system started packing HU automatically.