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APO to ECC migration.

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now trial MRP run is conducted in PPDS but, i want  the same to be conducted in R/3 .....because PPDS mrp run is not working effectively I am thinking in terms of why do not try it in R3 ?.....only difference is -in PPDS  product and resources will be planned simultaneously....whereas we have to take two steps in R3  -like MRP run first in MD01  and take the planned orders in capacity planning table and do resource planing i rite???  would like to have expert suggestion ?? 

to go ahead what should i do ? now MRP type is X0  so i need to change it to PD and continue with ECC rite??  i need  suggestion from you experts before taking this  from APO  to ECC.
because my management wants some kind of MRP run as soon as possible and later improvise on it.step by step.


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now trial MRP run is conducted in PPDS but, i want  the same to be conducted in R/3 .....because PPDS mrp run is not working effectively

It is unfortunate that PP/DS has not been satisfactory for you.  It goes without saying that implementing a full PP/DS solution is not a trivial task. It would be very difficult for someone to attempt this implementation if they have never done one before.  Most companies seek outside help under these conditions.

To conduct planning in ECC, you normally use an MRP type that is 'Not X0' in your Material Masters.  This immediately enables planning in ECC.  If you are still going to use APO for other purposes, you have to take steps to stop planning these parts in APO, or at least preventing publishing of APO planning results back to ECC.

If you are abandoning APO planning altogether, you should probably stop all your CIF jobs, deactivate all models, and then delete the models.

I recall you stating in a previous post that you are a certified ECC PP analyst.  The remaining steps required to implement an ECC PP solution should not be a problem for you.  Since you have been away from PP for a while, a nice refresher for you might be to consult the baseline Best Practices for ECC.

SAP Best Practices Baseline Package

Best Regards & Good Luck,


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yup DB I wish I go back to square there was a elaborate discussion with my management on your suggestion some long time back.. hope you remember  when i say tcode puzzled users ask me

   "what ? ......tcode ? what you mean by that....." ,they are beginners to SAP itself ,APO is a nightmare for them ..even as I conduct DP,SNP,PPDS classes i could see them dosing off.I have to order a strong tea for them,once the tea effect wanes again they pretend to listen ,so altogether APO has become a joke.I gave a deep thought and have decided to show them the fundamentals like MRP tabs ,MD01 ,planned orders,conversion of those planned orders to production orders and confirmations ...then slowly take them to CM25 screens ,loading planned orders into capacity planning table.that way they can expose themselves to ECC fundamentals.Before showing them a helicopter i wish i show them a car atleast. that makes sense. if their will is strong they can take a long jump to APO straight but it is not coming from them.

I have send your

  to top level management and awaiting a decision,guess it is best i dismantle APO completely and start from basics.once the management comes with a decision ,you pass the final verdict. you know what a APO "expert" i am ,then you can imagine my users..