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APO SNP Heuristic doesn't take receipt calendar into account

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Hi all
In APO I face a strange reaction with SNP heuristic (/sapapo/SNP01).
Today I use a planning area YPVMI002 and a planning book YPVMI0004.
SNP heuristic calculates STR. Dates are OK with receipt calendar of target location (5 working days).
(for instance 20 days (4 X 5-day weeks) from Thu 10 March --> STR on Thu 07 Apr)

I copied the planning area to YPVMI002MRP. I created a new planning book (YPVMI004MRP) to be an exact copy of previous one (YPVMI0004).
I imported macros from YPVMI0004.
--> So I'm supposed to have exactly the same reactions for the both systems.
But, in fact, SNP heuristic calculates dates for STR without taken receipt calendar into account.
(for instance 20 days from 10 March --> STR on Wed 30th March !?).
I tried to delete every thing and created it again --> same issue.
I tried to change names (no to have more letters in name than origianl planning) --> same issue
Perhaps I should try magic incantations.

I didn't find a difference between original and new planning area/Planning book, no specific option at planning area level.

Is there someone with an idea to explain this wrong result ?
Thanks by advance

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