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APO DP V5 - ad hoc reporting via a Virtual InfoProvider

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I am using APO DP V5, and want to do ad hoc reporting on the planning area via a Virtual InfoProvider ('Remote Cube')

Can anyone provide a simple list of steps required to do this - the help text is not especially clear on this topic.

I believe the process is something like:

1. generate export data source for planning area

2. replicate data sources

3. assign InfoSource to data source

4. set up transfer/communication structures

5. create Virtual Provider, based on InfoSource

6. activate Virtual Provider

7. set up BEX query


Bob Austin, Atos Origin

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Bob,

The steps you mentiond here are correct.

Only note that there are transformations instead of update and transfer rules.



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Thanks for your reply - very useful.

Can you clarify these points:

1. InfoSource should be of type 3.x

2. Replicated data source should be of type 3.x

3. At the moment I have a data source of type BW version v 7 defined for the planning area. Is it possible to replicate this as a type 3.x

Thanks, Bob.

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