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APO-DP Common GAPS when implementing

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Hi all APO Guru's

I am a beginner in APO DP I want to know most common GAP's and also typical Gap's you come across(with solutions) during implementation of APO-DP.

Raja Shekhar

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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This link may give some idea..

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Thank you Guru,

for giving some information to some extent it is going to be useful to me.

Let me Clear cut the question: I am Implementing APO to one of the client we are in Business blue print stage. we have done AS- IS and TO-BE processes. I am doing GAP analysis. in this Gap Analysis I want to know which areCommon GAP's and most Critical GAP's in your experience you come across and their solutions.

Please they are going to be very helpful for me.

Raja SheKhar

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If you have done the AS-IS and TO-BE mapping adequately then the GAPs should pop up easily.

It is difficult to invent GAPs.

In any case for a DP implementation the most common GAP is

a) Client does not have a formal demand collection / capture process as part of his S&OP

b) Even if demand is collected there is hardly any statistical forecasting carried out

c) Statistical Forecast results are not compared with actual sales - no forecast comparison is carried out.

These are some of the obvious ones coming up on top of my head on a Sunday afternoon.

Hope this helps.


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