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APO Conceptual question

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Hi guys.

Im a PI Consultant.

I have an integration beetween 3r Party and APO.

I have a requeriment from APO that I will need to make some conversions and I will have to get the data from R3.

I'll have to convert customers numbers and materials numbers.

I have a conceptual question.....

APO feeds on SAP R3. This conversion exists in R3

Why do I have to get the data from R3 to make the convesion to send the data to APO?

I think APO have to get the data from R3 and make the conversion itself.

What do u think about??

Thanks a lot for your opinion

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Answers (4)

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Hello ,

Could you be please more specific ? what kind conversion you are talking of ?

Br - Vikas

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just as a side question. If I have a 7 digit mtl mumber in ECC which I can view threu MM03, then when I CIF this mtl to APO, will it show up as a 7 digit number in /SAPAPO/MAT1 or will it show as a40 digit number. I remember reading a 40 digit number in APO somewhere in the documentation.

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The conversions are:

External (EDI) customer number ---> SAP Customer number

External EAN material number + Units --> SAP material number

This information lives in R3.

Thanks a lot

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If the converted data already resides in ECC then why do you need any conversion routine at all while transferring to APO. Just create and activate the relevant integration models and the same data should flow across to APO.

or am I missing something here...


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The beauty of APO with R/3 is its seamless integration.

The integration will help in transferring the master data

and transactional data between different systems and

hence we can have multiple SAP systems planned using


Moreover, the data transfer is being handled using queues,

it would be very easy to figure out and track the nature

of data flows between systems via core interface.


R. Senthil Mareeswaran.

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Datta is correct.

The data transfer between APO and ECC is done via the CIF. The master data flows from ECC to APO and the transactional data flow is bidirectional. If you need to carry out any conversions then you would have to use the user exits for the same. These user exits will be called 'mid-way' while transferring data.

Please refer to the follwoing link for the lsit of all the user exits available.

Hope thsi helps.


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Data transfer between APO and SAP R/3 u2013 ECC occurs through Core Interface CIF application.

SAP R/3 drives the majority of the master data to APO.

The coversions if any, are meant to happen before the data enters into APO , while it is being tranferred.

Therefore, when you are doing conversions, these are done after data is taken out from SAP R/3 side, but on the way to APO .

I hope this gives some insight.