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Allocation not being checked in SCM 5.0

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In setting up allocatation in our SCM Box I have changed something and now allocation is not working. It did work previously.

Relevant Data

We are using the Product Allocation With Direct Check of Planning Area.

1. I create Characteristic Combinations. With the Adjust Time Series Objects box checked.

2. I plan the data for the values entered above in a DP Planning Area.

3. I copy characteristic combinations from planning area /SAPAPO/ATPQ_PAREA_K

4. I set the Product Allocation Procedure on the product in the product master.

5. I create an order in R/3 for that customer product combination.

When I run gATP for that order the product availability returns a full confirmed quantity and the "Product Allocation Situation" also returns a full confirmed quantity. Even though the allocated quantity is less than that amount for that bucket. When I click on the Product Allocation Situation button. It returns a message stating "Product of item 000010 not allocated".

Where am I going wrong or which step am I missing? I have had this working in the past. So I dont know where to begin troubleshooting.

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Figured this may be of some use.


Product Allocations: Check Customizing


Method :

Cumulative check

Step: 10 Description: Constraint Alloc Product allocation grp: ALLOC_GRP_PCC_NA

Product allocation group

Wildcard character '#' is used for collective product allocations

Product allocation group ALLOC_GRP_PCC_NA can be used for product allocations.

Product allocation time series are saved immediately to planning area

Connection to planning area ZALLOC_EXEC_AREA_01, version 000 (period W, ) defined

The connection is defined completely.

Characteristics and info objects are consistent (length of the values)

The unit of measure LE is used for the characteristics combinations

5 characteristics of product allocation grp ALLOC_GRP_KCC_NA are not contained in the standard system.

Characteristic ZZNAALLCUST is not contained in the standard system.

Characteristic ZZNAALLPRDT is not contained in the standard system.

Characteristic ZZNAALLSOCUST is not contained in the standard system.

Characteristic ZZNADCHAN is not contained in the standard system.

Characteristic ZZNASORG is not contained in the standard system.

Period W() is set for product allocation group ALLOC_GRP_PCC_NA.

Material Availability Date (MBDAT) is used for product allocations.

1 periods used before and 0 periods used after the check date

Product allocations from past periods are used

Generated objects

Translation table /SAPAPO/ALLOE003 for product allocation grp ALLOC_GRP_PCC_NA was generated ().

Coding for product allocation group ALLOC_GRP_PCC_NA generated ().

Screen 2000 for characteristics display of product allocation grp ALLOC_GRP_PCC_NA generated ().

Charact. combination

2 hierarchy entries exist for product allocation group ALLOC_GRP_PCC_NA.


No allocation quantities are defined for product allocations object ALLOC_EXEC from 01/01/1970 to 12/31/2037!

Validity end of product allocation is always an end of a period (ALLOC_PROC_PCC_NA,10).

Product allocations objects are entered in the hierarchy.