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After Partial Usage Decision same HU is Getting Transferred to Different Storage Bins

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Hi Experts,

Need your help to analyze below issue for EWM-QM partial UD configuration setup

Issue- After taking partial usage decision as partially rejected in QA32 same HU is getting transferred to VENDOR-SCRAP bin and final putaway storage bin.

Expectation is to create only one task for VENDOR-SCRAP bin instead of 2 warehosue tasks for same HU.

Thank you.

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Answers (3)

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As standard EWM QIE behavior, delivery item is in HU, ideally it is inspected by HU instead of inspection item. WT is created with HU unless destination doesn't allow HU.

Can we try to avoid HU for delivery inspection if the intention is not putaway by HU?

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Hello aww914559 ,

Can you please confirm how much was the partial quantity , accepted and rejected . Also for the rejected quantity what is the warehouse process category desc. , can you put that screen shot and show.

Ideally rejected quantity will be internal warehouse movement .

Best Regards

Darshan Desai

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Hi, I would suggest to check OSS Notes, it should not be a case when two HU wts are created for same HU. QIE followup action can produce really interesting cases in the system 🙂 But it is hard to say if it is QIE FUP this time or some developments.