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ADJUSTEDPRODUCTIONRECEIPT is not respected by Time-Series Based Optimiser Solution

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Require guidance on below behavior after TS-Based Supply Optimizer is executed. Below 5 products are producing from the same Resource ID. Noticed that Optimiser Results is not respecting the ADJUSTEDPRODUCTIONRECEIPT for Product 1 but propose Production Receipts for other products from the same Resource ID in W20.

No Production Lead Time and Frozen Horizon is maintained in master data. I supposed Production Receipts Adj Interactive has to be prioritized given that total Production Receipts Adj Interactive is not exceeding the capacity supply for the resource ID. This reflected correctly on W19.

This is the calculation for KF: ADJUSTEDPRODUCTIONRECEIPT

Thank you in advance!

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Answers (1)

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Hello Brienne,

maybe there is a component shortage or another limitation. Please enable the optimizer explanations and check the reasons provided for the adjusted production violation.

Kind regards,