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what is the best practice.

create an activity area for an activity or create an activity area for several activities.

example for the storage bins: P-01-01-01

AA TEST01 for put away Activity

AA TEST02 for pick Activity, put away Activity and inventory Activity



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it depends...

Do you know at all what the activity area is used for? The way you want to use them, is what influences the decision of how to create them. The standard BC sets and best practices have one activity area for each storage type and this one for all activities - which is simple. And nonsense.

A. The only activity area your really need is one for physical inventory. The inventory area which the activity for physical inventory has a 1:1 assignment with the physical inventory area. Means that if you have 20 activity areas, you also need 20 physical inventory areas. Which is... lets just say, not very clever. It might be that you want to have more than one PI area, but pretty sure not one for each storage type.

B. With the activity areas you control your warehouse order creation rules. So, do you know how these look like and which area they should cover? Once you have that, then you think about defining and assigning your activity areas. And the definition of your activities.




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