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A BAdI which is called whenever a Freight Order is saved

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Hello experts,

We're using Basic Transportation Management in a S/4Hana On-Premise system (Release 2020, SP Stack 04 (05/2022)) and would like to implement a change to freight orders.

Our goal is to check (via our coding) whether the carrier selected in the freight order is included in a certain table. If yes, the relevant line in the table for freight orders (/SCMTMS/D_TORROT) is supposed to contain a mark in an appended field. If not, that field is supposed to contain another mark.

To implement this, I think we need a BAdI which is called whenever a freight order is saved (not just once for the first time). Is there such a BAdI?



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Tim,

while both options above are absolutely valuable.

You could also use a change/save strategy, which will always run during save. This way you would not have to enhance the BO or Standard Determination, which might be better depending on project governance in regards to enhancements.
Detail information on the process controller including ChacCo can be found in the TM enhancement guide.




Hello Tim,

Another option is to write a Post Exit in the EXECUTE method of the /SCMTMS/CL_TOR_D_ROOT_BS class. This class is a standard determination called on every save of the Freight Order.



Active Contributor

Hello t_jungesblut

TM is build with Business Object Processing Framework (BOBF). Freight orders are implemented with /SCMTMS/TOR objects. What you are looking for is not a BADI but a custom determination in the /SCMTMS/TOR object.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski