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In a little series of posting I want to share my (very good :->) experiences with the Netweaver Business Client used in the SAP Transportation Management context.

It alls starts with installing NWBC and this starts with the decision on which version to use.

First the good news: You can install different versions in parallel :smile: .

When using NWBC 5.0 need to .NET 4.5 and SAPGUI 7.40.

Here is the link to the NWBC wiki

In the wiki press the download button:

Then you can select the version to be installed. The installation itself is straight forward, nothing special I remember.

The next step I did was changing the shortcuts "highjacked" by NWBC, specifically CTRL-D, CTRL-LEFT and CTRL-RIGHT.

The only way to deactivate the shortcuts I found so far is to change the config file NWBCOptions.xml which can normally be found in C:\ProgramData\SAP\NWBC. If it is not there, you can use the NwbcOptions.xml.template and remove ".template" from the name. In there you can rename the shortcuts e.g. like this:

      <ModifierKeys>Shift, Control</ModifierKeys>
      <Description>Disable data updates in Side Panel</Description>

Attached you find a version with renamed shortcuts as an template, of course no guarantee whatsoever :->.

Next step: Add systems. This is pretty nice in NWBC 5.0 (for me the topmost reason to use NWBC 5)

In NWBC you navigate to the system administration:

In ther you can arrange the systems using subfolders, which is very convinient in case you handle with many systems...

In there you press the NEW button and add an entry. After entering the system ID nearly nothing is left to be defined, only the client and language (if you want to change form default).

Now you are already ready to go.

For those of you having trouble accessing the wiki you may check the following links: