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Released shortly after May’s update, the SAP Warehouse Robotics 2308 release continues to bring new features to automate your warehouse operations using robots to move handling units (HUs) from source storage bins to destination storage bins. In this latest update, SAP Warehouse Robotics has introduced several exciting additions that further streamline the integration with fleet management systems and improve integration with SAP EWM. Let's take a closer look at what's new for SAP Warehouse Robotics 2308.

Use Clarification Bins to Solve Destination Bin Errors for Fleet Management Systems

One of the key enhancements in this update is the ability to define clarification bins for fleet management systems. These clarification bins can be assigned to robot processes, allowing robots to continue processing warehouse orders even when they encounter issues unloading HUs at destination bins. By assigning clarification bins as new destination bins, the system ensures a smooth flow of operations and minimizes disruptions caused by bin errors. This feature is accessible through the “Define Robot Processes - Fleet Management” app.

Define Clarification Bin

“Monitor Robots” App Enhancements

To provide better visibility into warehouse order processing status, two new robot task phases have been added to the “Monitor Robots” app. These phases include "Leave for Drop-Off at Clarification Bin" and "Drop Off HU at Clarification Bin." These task phases specifically highlight warehouse orders with destination bin errors.

Monitor Robots App: monitor and handle exceptions

Additional API Methods for Integration with Fleet Management Systems

To enhance the integration capabilities of SAP Warehouse Robotics with fleet management systems, two new API methods have been introduced. The first method is "Update Robot Tasks", which allows to send a request from SAP Warehouse Robotics to a fleet management system to update robot tasks for new destination bins. The second method, "Update Robot Task Change Status," enables a fleet management system to notify SAP Warehouse Robotics of the robot task update statuses. These API methods can be accessed through the “Integration with Fleet Management Systems API” on the SAP Business Accelerator Hub.

Expanded Integration with SAP EWM

In this update, SAP Warehouse Robotics now offers integration with more versions of SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM): EWM in SAP S/4HANA 1909 and 2020. For detailed information on the versions and how to connect SAP Warehouse Robotics with SAP EWM, refer to the documentation on Connecting to SAP EWM.


The latest update for SAP Warehouse Robotics brings several exciting new features that enhance the integration with fleet management systems using clarification bins, improve visibility into warehouse order processing status, and expand integration capabilities with SAP EWM.

For more information, see the documentation for SAP Warehouse Robotics.