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There're some well-known figures about demand capture in SPP as below.

Which shows the below facts:

- captured demand will be saved in 9ARAWDAT and 9ADEMAND

- 9ADEMANN (Yearly demand for phase-out forecasting) is updated from 9ADEMAND

- Realignment data will be saved in 9ARAWCRT and 9ADEMCRT

- We use the multiProvider 9ADEMMUL as the final historical data (for forecasting).

As we can see, whenever a realignment or manual change of historical data happens, the change will only be updated to 9ADEMCRT, which means 9ADEMANN will never get the realigned data.

This is a problem if you really care about this. This functionality is not suported in standard defined SPP update rules.

If you want the 9ADEMANN to be updated along with 9ADEMCRT, there is an option to connect 9ADEMCRT to 9ADEMANN and so have the realignment data updated to 9ADEMANN.

To do so:
a. Create the transformation between 9ADEMANN and 9ADEMCRT

1.,Right click on 9ADEMANN Cube
2.,Select Create Transformation
3.,Source of transformation, Object Type: DataStore Object, Name: 9ADEMCRT
4.,On the transformation definition screen, connect 0CALMONTH to 0CALYEAR
5.,Then Connect 9ADEM_QTY to 9AFI_QTY_Y

6.,Then connect 9AORD_LINE to 9AFI_EN_Y
7.,Activate the Transformation
8.,Then create a DTP: right click on Data Transfer Processes under cube 9ADEMMAN, and select Create Data Transfer Process
9.,Source of DTP: Object Type Data Store Object, Name: 9ADEMCRT
10.,Click OK
11.,On the Extraction tab of the created DTP, optionally select the Filter button and provide the products that you would like to transfer
12.,Activate the DTP
13.,On the Execute tab of the DTP, click the Execute button to start the transfer
14.,After a while, the records from the CRT table should be uploaded into 9ADEMANN

b. Validate the result in transaction LISTCUBE

1.,Open transaction LISTCUBE, enter InfoProvider 9ADEMANN
2.,Select all the characteristics, except the ones for DataPacket (Change run ID, Record type, Request ID). (You can select the characteristics using the Filed Selection for Output button)
3.,Select the use DB aggregation checkbox on the bottom under Settings
5.,Sort the list by product and stocking location
6.,Check whether the result is correct

c. Validate the result using the Phase Out service