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SAP IBP Business Network Collaboration

Working well in a team is a value highly commoditised in today’s business world. It’s common knowledge that it’s easier to succeed when we can easily work together with others. Shouldn’t we expect the same quality from our supply chain systems? A team is greater than the sum of its individual parts and this has never been more true now. Companies are focusing on their core competencies and outsourcing in others. A Deloitte Survey found that respondents are increasingly seeing outsourcing as a key way to drive innovation into their enterprises. Being better able to concentrate on their successful ventures, companies are more equipped to develop innovative new business models.

I’m currently typing this on a new laptop, ordered online and delivered to my door. With numerous different components provided by multiple suppliers, it is well-known that producing a single device requires a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ logistical planning – not even accounting for the multi-channel commerce offering and final product delivery. It has never been more important to have end-to-end visibility and the ability to work with third-party suppliers to deliver results in a timely and agile way being able to be responsive to changes, driving success in the supply chain for the end customer.

With an increasing proliferation of data available at our fingertips it becomes more important to leverage this to drive business values. Through digitally connected business networks companies provide the framework for better collaboration, integrating supply and demand and advanced analytics to deliver agile supply chains. This enables less system disruption and better response, superior financial performance and better service performance. A study by McKinsey has shown that 50% of networked companies are more likely than their peers to have increased sales, higher profit margins and be market leaders.

The winning supply chain is one that can reduce operating costs while delivering increasing levels of customer service. Full visibility of the end-to-end supply chain is no longer sufficient. To be able to react quickly and take a proactive role, companies must be able to create a synchronised planning in supply chain through end-to-end process collaboration. SAP IBP & Supply Chain Control Tower provide the ideal foundation for planning & collaboration. Leveraging its extended visibility, we can now integrate data from both internal and external systems. What this means for your business is trifold, this will:

  1. Support collaborative business processes with all relevant external partners

  2. Enable you to manage all collaborative tasks from one dashboard

  3. Reduce total cycle time dramatically for end-to-end collaboration.

The key for collaboration is not only to offer collaborative business processes and to integrate or share data with internal and external business partners, it is also managing the relevant business processes end-to-end effectively.

It is the logical next step to combine SAP IBP and the Ariba Network, effectively leveraging both to be more successful. SAP IBP helps to orchestrate demand and supply with all network partners using external data for an advanced planning, optimisation and what-if-simulation whilst the Ariba Network offers an open Business Network to collaborate efficiently with trading partners. This means you’ll be able to combine internal and external data in one place using the SAP Supply Chain Control tower to derive the right activities, in time.

Ariba Supply Chain collaboration provides the missing link in the quest to drive an efficient supply chain. With the world’s largest business-to-business trading community, the Ariba Network connects all systems and stakeholders to collaborate effectively with multiple tiers of suppliers and business partners. The combination of SAP Integrated Business Planning and Ariba Network allows for better Supply Chain Orchestration. Using Ariba Business Network as a collaborative network integrated to SAP IBP results in a perfect match for all customers heading towards a business network approach, considering standardised processes and closer into a ‘one-shop’ collaboration concept.

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