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Supply chain managers are responsible for concrete results. Managing supply chain planning in global companies makes you look straight into the face of a dynamic network of suppliers, customers and other business partners. You want the planning efforts to be simple and accurate. The wide variety of variables in a dynamic global supply chain network is where most supply chain managers hit a snag.  The benefits of a rich, global network also results in a range of different requirements that interfere with easy, synchronized, holistic planning.  Follow that with the technical challenge of creating and continuously maintaining the supply networks, as well the information flow. More details


What if …

  • You increased the visibility into your supply chain by integrating customers and suppliers, as well as your own locations within your holistic supply network model?

  • You managed to synchronize your sourcing, production and distribution plans across this network?

  • You could significantly lower your supply network inventories and obsolescence stock?

  • You succeeded to lower procurement and operational costs?

  • You managed to better utilize your production and transportation resources?

  • … all of which ultimately led to improved customer service levels and satisfaction?


What if the “what ifs” can be turned into value in only 14 weeks?

SAP Supply Network Planning rapid-deployment solution allows all of these “what ifs” to come true. You can be up and running in a fast 14 weeks, and have the tools to create a feasible midterm supply plan. You’ll be able to integrate procurement, distribution, and production planning dimensions across your entire supply chain. What’s more, you can choose between non-constrained based infinite or constraint-based finite planning modes to derive at the desired planning results.

You want faster, easier, more accurate planning. SAP Supply Network Planning rapid-deployment solution helps with preconfigured planning processes and alerts to indicate potential bottlenecks in your plan. What good is an alert without advice? This solution provides guidance with each planning alert. This is part of the solution’s exception-based planning approach, like a second set of eyes to help you solve all upcoming planning issues.


Here is an extra. It’s the new planner’s homepage in the SAP Advanced Planning & Optimization (SAP APO) component. This page gives you access to structured planning in key areas, like work centers and materials, and serves as the key access to your supply plans.


This rapid-deployment solution helps you to reduce delivery times, optimize transports, plan the required supply, just in time, and keep needed safety stocks.


Which businesses benefit most from this rapid-deployment solution?

This rapid-deployment solution is primarily targeted at SAP ERP customers operating in the discrete manufacturing, chemicals, consumer products or life sciences industries. Additionally, the businesses that benefit most are those looking for constraint-based midterm supply planning.


Which functional scope does this rapid-deployment solution cover?

Starting from a demand plan, you use midterm supply planning to determine a permissible plan for fulfilling the estimated sales volumes. This rapid-deployment solution allows you to perform the supply planning run in either one of the following to different modes:


  1. Plan your entire production process from raw material to finished goods in a non-constrained planning approach. Include suppliers, outsourced manufacturers, or packagers as well as wholesalers or customer distribution centers in your planning. (SNP heuristics, infinite planning )

  2. Consider capacity and material constraints to create the best cost-optimized plan. Determine the optimal solution based on automatically generated costs for supply alternatives and demands (SNP Optimization, finite planning).


In a management-by-exception mode, you analyze the proposed plan with the help of alerts. You do this from the planner's homepage, which serves as a single point of access to your personal work area.  The alert monitor allows you to navigate directly to the planning book with the right selection criteria, e.g., product and location. In the planning book, you can do manual adjustments to the plan if required.


Once the planning result is complete, you can release the plan to SAP ERP for production execution.

SAP Supply Network Planning rapid-deployment solution – Makes planning a smooth business process


How do you turn this solution into value for your business?

Increase your overall supply chain management effectiveness, decision making, and supply projection on local and global levels. How? By integrating procurement, production and distribution into your supply network plans with a solution that includes a specific scope based on supply chain best practices.

Leverage the rapid-deployment characteristics of a fixed-price, fixed schedule deployment and realize the value across your supply network by deploying these pre-defined SAP best practices with a controlled implementation approach. Simply put, the SAP Supply Network Planning rapid-deployment solution provides pre-configured software, content, and services which help you to implement your solution quickly and easily, taking you live in only 14 weeks.


Granted, globalized supply chain planning systems seem like a long-term proposition. So how does SAP deploy this solution in 14 weeks? Extensive documentation is the answer. With the content being well-document and tested, you should expect success.

Make use of SAP’s proven best practices at your fingertips to optimize cross-company planning in your supply network.


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