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Dear EWM expert

we have a scenario where a pick HU, with ore than one product in, is in  staging and will be reassigned to another customer.

We perform every step in EWM and we create a new Sales document in ECC that correspond to the HU content (same products and quantity) The ECC outbound delivery will be created with a special priority in order to choose  in EWM a WPT that search stock only in a logical storage type, where pick-HU is put away.  System create a WT and the corresponding WHO but even we pick the HU entirely  destination HU is not assigned and flag Removal of Whole HU is not settled.

Can anyone help on this




2541240138WYAB0148 1061475100816962SHCRINBDSHCR-INBAPHU5200007843
2541240139WYAB0148 961 425100816962SHCRINBDSHCR-INBAPHU5200007843
2540340128WYAB0148 1061435100816963SHCRINBDSHCR-INBAPHU5200007843
2540340130WYAB0148 961 435100816963SHCRINBDSHCR-INBAPHU5200007843

Stock Situation

PICK-HU5100816963WYAB0148 961 43PC
PICK-HU5100816963WYAB0148 106143PC
PICK-HU5100816962WYAB0148 961 42PC
PICK-HU5100816962WYAB0148 106147PC
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