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Service process overview with Advanced Execution

Service with Advanced Execution supports service process which require detailed planning and execution of maintenance task.

The main attribute of this process is the integration of the commercial aspects of Service with the planning and execution capabilities of Maintenance Management (Maintenance Order) through the advanced execution item.

Service with Advanced Execution 1.png


The Service with Advanced Execution process can be started with the Service Quotation or Service Order with or without reference to a Service Contract and be ended with individual and/or resource-related billing. If a Service Contract is related to the Service Order the pricing agreement in the Service Contract is taken into the Service Order.

The Execution Order Item can also be the result of a maintenance plan. In this case the process is initiated with the creation of the Maintenance Order to support the planning and execution and the Service Order is created to cover the commercial part.

Depends on Billing Relevance attribute is used in the Service Document different billing types can be indicated: fixed price billing by using Billing Relevance “Billing on Completion” or Resource-related Billing by using Billing Relevance “Summarized Billing or Itemized Billing”. In case of fixed price billing the Billing Request (Debit- or Credit Memo Request) is created in Fiori App “Release for Billing” but in case of resource-related billing the Resource-Related Billing Request (Debit Memo Request) is created in Fiori App “Create Resource-Related Billing Document.

Benefits and additional features for Service with Advanced Execution

The second wave of integrated Service with Advanced execution scenario was released in 2023 and ensures an improved end-to-end process coverage with ability to split the end-to-end service process between commercial Service Order and one or multiple Execution (Maintenance) Orders.



Configurable task list

  • Detailed operation planning in Execution (Maintenance) order, with support of configurable task lists based on Service product or Equipment
  • Configurable service items can be processed at service quote and service order level as well; the characteristics values that are defined for the configurable item can influence the price determination at Service Quotation and Service Order level

Billing & Finance

There are some new capabilities in billing and financial part which was introduced with Service with Advanced Execution process:

  • Ability to determine fixed price with billing plan and run Credit Check for fixed-price Execution Order item
  • Planned cost and revenue calculation for fixed price Execution Order item
  • Support for Event-based revenue recognition for Execution Order item

Service with Advanced Execution process flow

In this scenario the process is started with Service Quotation and supported by billable Maintenance Order in planning and execution. The process is ended with Debit Memo which is created against the Service Order for the actual costs are determined based on the DIP profile used for Resource-related Billing.

Step 1: Create Service Quotation

The process starts with creation of Service Quotation (SRVQ) by using Manage Service Quotation Fiori app. After the general data (Sold-to party, Sales organization… etc.) are entered and item(s) are added with the item category, the Service Quotation can be saved.

By creation of Service Order Quotation, the type of billing can be also indicated. It is only a possibility to propose what billing relevance can be used eventually. The billing type for the items can be changed later, for e.g. after planning, when the Service Order Quotation is updated with the planned cost and other planning details. The billing relevance is indicated for each items in the Service Order Quotation.

Depending on the billing relevance, the app that is used for billing can be different:
- in fixed price billing, the cost of the service is determined from the pricing master data based on the pricing procedure and regardless what labor or service parts used, the cost will not change. For fixed price billing the Fiori app Release for Billing and Create Billing Document are used.
- in resource related billing the cost of service is determined based on the labor and service parts that are used during the course of the service. Resource-related billing can be either itemized billing or summarized billing. The dynamic item processor (DIP) profile is mandatory in the case of resource-related billing. For Resource-related billing the Fiori app Create Resource-Related Billing Request (DP92) is used.

Depending on whether the Service Order Quotation requires an extended planning or not, it can be sent to the customer immediately after creation to approve or reject the proposal.

In this scenario the Service Order Quotation requires detailed planning, and it takes support from Maintenance Order to service planning and execution. After the Service Order Quotation is created the planning check box is used to send the service. The Send to Planning action triggers automatically creation of the billable Maintenance Order after saving the document.
Creation order quotation 1.png


Step 2: Process Maintenance Order

The created Maintenance Order can be processed directly from the Service Order Quotation document under Item, Maintenance Order or in the app Change Maintenance Order (IW32). In Edit mode it is possible to change and complete the maintenance tasks in the Operations section, add and plan materials and spare parts in the Components section and check the planned and actual costs associated with each operation in the Costs section.

Process PM Order.png


 The status section contains information about the status of the maintenance order and is used to monitor the progress of the maintenance work and to identify any issues that need to be addressed. By completing the planning, the Maintenance Order is saved and all of the data changed in the Maintenance Order are updated in the Service Order Quotation automatically.
Completing plannig.png


Step 3: Complete Service Order Quotation

When the Maintenance Order is saved the Service Order Quotation is updated dynamically. The planned costs for labor materials are updated from the planning data in the Maintenance Order.
If the price master data (fix price) is maintained for the spare parts it has been also taken into the price details.
The planned costs of the main service product reflect the sum of the planned cost of the labor material and spare part.
Updated Service Quotation.png


The quotation can be sent to the customer, who can then approve or reject the proposal.

When the Service Order Quotation is accepted by the customer the status of the quotation changes to Completed and the items accepted are set to Completed.
Optional: after negotiation with the customer the order quotation can be changed and updated: for e.g. billing type, price can be changed.

Once the Service Order Quotation is accepted, the status of the quotation changes to Completed, the items accepted are set to Quotation Accepted. A Service Order is automatically created with an In Process status for each execution order item as follow-up document.
Accept Service Order Quotation.png


Step 4: Process Service Order

The created Service Order can be reached from the Service Quotation directly or searched in the app Search for Service Order. The created Service Order contains all of the items from the Service Quotation.
In this scenario the Execution Order Item in the Service Order refers to the same Maintenance Order created from the Service Order Quotation. Now the Maintenance Order is used for execution planning and execution of the service.
Service Order 1.png


The billing relevance and the DIP profile are taken to the Execution Order Item from the Service Quotation.

Service Order3.png


The Execution Order Item is associated with the billable Maintenance Order. The actual costs were taken place in the Maintenance Order are linked to the Service Order Execution Item. After the Service Order is released for billing the corresponding billing document can be created.

Service Order2.png


Step 5: Resource-related Billing: Create Debit Memo Request

Since in this scenario the billing relevance is set to Resource-related Billing in the Service Quotation therefore he Debit Memo Request will be created in Create Resource-Related Billing Request – Service Order (DP92) app.
Create Resource Related Billing.png










After the Service Order and the Service Order Items are selected, the dynamic items are displayed in the app as they are driven by the actual costing and the material determination rule which is determined based on the DIP profile configuration.

Create Resource Related Billing1.png


After that the service professionals based on the proposal decides which lines have to be posted which lines can be rejected. With the button “Billing request” the Debit Memo Request can be generated.

Create Resource Related Billing2.png


Step 6: Resource-related Billing: Create Debit Memo

The Debit Memo Request can be processed in Fiori app Change Debit Memo Request. After review (approval) the Billing Block can be removed in order to create the billing document, Debit Memo.
Change Debit Memo Request.png


The Debit Memo is created in the Fiori app Create Billing Documents. By selection the relevant Debit Memo Request the Debit Memo is created after entering the billing type and the billing date.

Create Debit Memo1.png


The Debit Memo is created based on the actual costs.

Create Debit Memo2.png


Step 7: Follow-up the service process

The Debit Memo, the Service Order Quotation and the related Maintenance Order are founded as follow-up documents under Transactional History data in the Service Order. 

Service Order History.png


The following apps were used in Service with Advanced Execution:

  • Apps used in Service Order Quotations and Service Orders
    • Create Service Order Quotation
    • Search Service Order Quotation
    • Create Service Order
    • Search Service Order
  • Apps used in Maintenance Management
    • Change Maintenance Order (IW32)
    • Display Maintenance Order (IW33)
  • Apps used for Billing
    • Create Resource-Related Billing Request – Service Order (DP92)
    • Change Debit Memo Request
    • Create Billing Document