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We have just released the third update to the SAP Warehouse Operator app within this year. Let's discover the new features that come with SAP Warehouse Operator Version 2.2.

SAP Warehouse Operator Version 2.0 was released earlier this year in spring, followed by Version 2.1 last summer. We wanted to ensure that support for picking and putaway processes in the warehouse gets further enhanced by adding additional features for the warehouse operator.

Now, with Version 2.2 we are going one step further and introduce these new key capabilities:

  • Create a pick handling unit in the app

  • Support for GS1 barcodes

  • 2D barcode support (QR, Data Matrix/DMC)

Create a pick handling unit in the app

The usage of a pick handling unit for picking warehouse tasks is best practice in warehouses. The pick handling unit could for example be a box or a palette, where you pick items into.  In the picking preparation phase, these pick handling units can be prepared in Warehouse Management in S/4HANA Cloud, public edition and be assigned to dedicated warehouse orders.

But there are occasions, when a warehouse operator needs to create a new pick handling unit, while working on warehouse orders and tasks. Maybe the pick handing unit is full and another one is needed to finish a picking task.

For this purpose, additional pick handling units can now be created inside the app. First you have to select the packaging material of the pick handling unit. Then you can either create and add a completely new pick handling unit to the warehouse order. Or you can scan an existing external handling unit number and add it as a pick handling unit to the warehouse order. Of course, not only additional handling units can be created, but also the preparation of picking handling units at the desktop can be skipped and be moved to the app.

Support for additional barcodes

GS1 barcodes are essential for all kinds of industries, especially for retail and logistics. They provide a standard to identify e.g. International Article Numbers (EANs), Batch Numbers or Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) Numbers in a barcode.

SAP Warehouse Operator already supports Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) including EANs and Universal Product Codes (UPCs). SAP Warehouse Operator Version 2.2 now handles GS1 Databar, GS1 DataBar Limited and GS1 DataBar Extended barcodes as well.

GS1 DataBar Composite barcodes are now also supported, which are a combination of a linear (1D) barcode and a 2D code. Additionally, we have added support for 2D QR and Data Matrix barcodes.

Refining the user experience

We have also further refined the user experience and have introduced a new progress bar showing the percentage of already picked items for each warehouse task. Additionally a new visualisation of the progress for a warehouse task helps warehouse operators to efficiently complete tasks.


Try the app and engage with us

Please download the new version of the app and try it out yourself.


Please leave a comment below if you have questions or feedback and we’ll get back to you.

You may also contact us at if you have questions on the configuration to use the app, the setup process or have specific requirements.

We also encourage you to visit our SAP Mobile Applications community page and click “follow”. We’ll be publishing more informative blog posts. Please post questions in the SAP Extended Warehouse Management area. Want to be notified? Check your #communications to ensure you have your settings activated.