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In May we have released our innovations in the area of Warehouse Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2005. You can find the full overview of this release by accessing the following link to our “What’s New in Warehouse Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2005” presentation.

This release brings with it features and enhancements to production, outbound process, cross-process settings and for mobile warehousing.


We have improved the User Experience for the Synchronous Goods Movement process by adding some display and navigation functionalities to our MM-IM apps. The App “Display Material Documents” (MB51) has been enhanced by adding the display of the warehouse document number. For the Fiori App “Post Goods Movement” (MIGO), we added a new tabstrip for “Warehouse Management”. In this new tab, warehouse workers can see the number of the warehouse goods movement document and from this tab it is also possible to directly navigate to the warehouse document in the Warehouse Management Monitor, the open putaway warehouse tasks or to the existing physical stock.

We have also added automatic batch determination for synchronous goods issue of components. Automatic batch determination for batch managed components is now possible for synchronous goods issue for repetitive manufacturing and discrete/process manufacturing. In case the quantity required for production is not met by one batch, then batch splits are possible. The automatic batch determination process uses the stock removal rule assigned to the storage type (e.g. FIFO).

Batch determination example for repetitive manufacturing


Before this release, after a late batch split the “Run Outbound Process – Deliveries” Fiori App would not display the batch split sub-items. As a workaround, these had to be manually entered in the LE-Delivery. Now with the 2005 release, you can see both the batch sub-items and serial numbers for sub-items. This was done to reduce errors after a late batch split and to improve overall data management and transparency.


For this release we added a new Fiori App called “Process Warehouse Tasks”. This is a one-stop-shop App to process internal, putaway and picking warehouse tasks. Through this App, warehouse workers can:

  • Filter/group/sort warehouse tasks

  • View task details

  • Confirm or cancel single as well as multiple warehouse tasks

  • The app supports batch-managed products

  • Easily navigate to the product master data App to get additional information

  • Print warehouse task lists

The “Process Warehouse Tasks” enhances usability and the user experience by eliminating the need to navigate between multiple Apps.

For the customizing UI “Change Storage Type Settings” it is now allowed to have mixed products and mixed batches in storage bins of standard storage type template S001. It is important to note that during the putaway task creation process the system will find the next available empty bin for products or batches. Also, the putaway rules have not been changed. Mixed storage is still possible by adhoc warehouse tasks or by manual putaway warehouse task creation.


In the mobile area, we have created a new API to read inbound deliveries. With this synchronous inbound service, warehouse operators can now integrate external applications with warehouse inbound deliveries in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. We also enhanced the API for outbound deliveries. Now it is possible to update the carrier and staging bay via the “Warehouse Outbound Delivery Order” API. With these new additions we continue to expand our growing list of APIs.

For more information on the usage and integration of API with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Warehouse Management please refer to Note 2790112 “Using Warehouse Management APIs”.


To get more details on the above-mentioned highlights, or to explore our other enhancements of the Warehouse Management Cloud 2005 release, such as Global Transport Label (GTL) for Handling Units, please access our “Warehouse Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud - What's New in 2005” presentation.

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