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In order to visualize tracking objects in SAP EM Geo-Map was integrated with Release SAP EM 9.0. Providing the possibility to display tracked objects or reported events (for example each stop of the route) on a geographical map makes it much easier for the end user to get an ad-hoc view of the logistical process flow. The user is now able to see either for each of the selected objects the latest position or can get a view of the route with the corresponding stops for a single selected object.
Having this information visible on a geographical map makes it easier for the user to check the actual position of a certain truck, vessel or container.

The user has now location data and route information at a glance for each of the SAP EM visibility scenarios the Geo-Map integration has been enabled for.

    SAP EM User Interface – Geo-Map Integration


For the Geo-Map enablement in SAP EM, SAP Visual Business has been integrated. The integration is setup directly via the SAP Business Foundation.

The objects displayed on the Geo-Map provide two ways of getting information of a certain Event Handler or Event Message.

- Quick Info Window: Right-Click on an Event Message or Event Handler
- Tooltip: Mouse over an Event Message or Event Handler

Display multiple Event Handler (EH)
When selecting multiple EH in the search result always the latest position of each of the EH’s will be displayed on the Geo-Map. Latest position = Events with valid Geo-Data will update the EH position if the new Event with actual Event date is after the one which has previously updated the EH.

A left-click on each of the EH displayed updates the search result table and the details form. If selecting more than one EH with the same position there is a context menu (right-click on the EH icon on the map) which allows the user to select a specific EH to show more detailed information (see screenshot below).

E.g. multiple Freight Units which are transported on a Freight Order will all have the same position on the map when for all of the FUs an event “ARRIVAL” at a certain location has been reported – all of them having the same event message and therefore the same geo location data.

   Multiple Event Handler – Quick Menu for Multispot

Display Single Event Handler (EH)
When displaying a single EH on the map only the geographical data of the select EH is displayed. Each of the received event messages with valid geo data will be displayed as route.

After the selection of a single EH the route will be shown on the map. It’s possible to have multiple events messages per location and therefore the context-menu (right-click on the Event Message Location icon on the map) allows the user to select a specific Event Message to show more detailed information (see screenshot below).

   Quick Info Menu: e.g for multiple Event Messages

   Quick Info Window: Single Event Message

When selecting a specific Event Message the Event Message Details will be shown. The information is based on the customizing settings which have been configured for the Geo-Map profile in the SAP EM User Profile Settings.

When using the tooltip to retrieve information on an Event Message this is also part of the User Profile Configuration which has been configured for a Geo-Map Profile.
Geo-Map Window and Event Message Window are synchronized. Selecting an Event Message in the Geo-Map will also affect the Event Message display  the corresponding Event Message will be highlighted in the Event Message table and if configured additional event details will be displayed. 

To run the SAP Event Management 9.0 Geo-Map component, it is required to install the SAP Visual Business frontend component. It is available in the SAP Service Marketplace for download and is included in the application license.

The to-be-displayed map content must be provided by an external GIS vendor and configured in the SAP Visual Business customizing. In principle it is possible to connect to any service using REST Web Services.


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