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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

New features and assets for SAP Business Network for Logistics have been released recently! With this blog, I would like to share the highlights with you. The blog is intended for shippers and solution owners, carriers, and data providers as well as sales and presales colleagues who already have a detailed understanding of SAP Business Network for Logistics. 

Before we dive into the details, let me point you to the three top highlights.

  • The first one is particularly important for carriers, as they now have the option to cancel incorrect invoices while creating a credit memo. That way, invoices in statuses ‘ready for submission’, ‘in dispute’ and even invoices that have already been submitted can be cancelled and corrected.


  •  The second one if for solution owners, who can now leverage the new tracking unit detail page to get additional insights when tracking shipments.
  • Third, over the last weeks, we have been busy creating high value assets for our logistic service providers, carriers, and data contributors. A total of 10 (!) new and updated videos on how to administrate and use SAP Business Network for Logistics have been released. Find out more towards the end of the blog.

But let me walk you through the highlights of this release one by one.


SAP Business Network Freight Collaboration

Contracting and Execution: Enhanced design and layout of email notifications

Email templates have been converted to the new branding guidelines and now include additional links, for example:


The Changes apply to the following notifications:

  • New freight booking notification
  • New freight order notification
  • Freight booking confirmation notification
  • Freight order confirmation notification
  • Freight booking cancellation notification
  • Freight order cancellation notification
  • Exception event notification

Contracting: There is a new filter ‘Arrival date’ in the ‘Freight Quotations’ and ‘Freight Order for Confirmation’ apps



Settlement: When managing disputes, there is a new rejection reason ‘Missing Attachment’

In the shipper’s ‘Manage Disputes’ app, a new rejection reason has been added. Shippers can use this rejection reason when the required documents are not attached by the carrier.



Settlement: Charge code code list has been enhanced

The Charge Codes code list was enhanced with the following values:

  • Night Bill
  • Address Correction
  • Customs Export Declaration Fee
  • Non-Conveyable Surcharge
  • Additional Handling Packing Surcharge
  • Additional Handling Weight Surcharge
  • Large Shop Delivery Surcharge
  • Night Freight Surcharge
  • Express Freight Charge
  • Night Fuel Surcharge
  • Express Fuel Surcharge
  • Pickup Charge

Settlement: Cancel invoices with credit memo

SAP Business Network for Logistics now supports the credit memo business process (via web UI and API). During the freight settlement process, carriers can now ‘cancel an invoice with credit memo’ in the ‘Manage Invoices’ app. For example, a carrier created an invoice that raised a dispute. The dispute was resolved between the carrier and the shipper. As a result of the dispute, some charge items changed. So, this initial invoice needs to be cancelled (see below).Picture6.png

 You can perform the action 'cancel with credit memo' on invoices with the following statuses:

  • Submitted
  • In Dispute
  • Ready for Submission



Upon cancellation, the entire invoice amount is carried over to a credit memo. The system creates a credit memo document, and the status of the invoice is set to “Cancelled with Credit Memo”. The credit memo can be viewed in the ‘Credit Memos’ app (see below).

The correct invoice can be submitted against the freight document in the ‘Invoice Freight Documents’ app.

For more information, please take a look at our new how-to video on how to cancel invoices

Settlement: New app ‘Credit Memos

You can use the ‘Credit Memos’ app to view the credit memo documents that you have created by cancelling an invoice with credit memo.


Note, there is a new how-to video on this new application.


SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace

Track Shipments app: New tracking unit detail page available

On the 'Shipment Details' or 'Freight Unit Details' page, solution owners can navigate into the tracking units table to open the 'Tracking Unit Details' page.



 *To report events, the role template “AppStandardTrackShipmentsTrackingUnitProcessTemplate ” must be added to your role collection. For more details, see Guide for Transportation Planners.

Track Shipments app: Solution owners can define own execution and tracking status for tracking units

For a tracking unit, solution owners can define their own execution status / tracking status and display them on the 'Tracking Unit Details' page. For more, see the following sections in the Application Help:


Code List Documentation (for SAP Business Network Freight Collaboration and SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace)

Documentation for ‘Means of Transport’ code list has been enhanced. Former values have been marked as ‘deprecated

Documentation for the Means of Transport code list has been added. It includes the following values:

  • Truck (0001)
  • Rail (0002)
  • Airplane (0003)
  • Courier, Express and Delivery Company (0004)
  • Ship (0005)
  • Car (0006)
  • Trunk (Subcontracting) (0007)
  • Railcar (0008)

 The former values (from 1 - Barge chemical tanker to 135 - Roll-tite trailer (curtain-sider)) have been marked as deprecated.


User Assistance – Logistic Service Providers, Carriers and Data Providers

As we continuously strive to provide highly relevant assets, five new functional training videos for logistic service providers have been released:

 They have been added to the playlist that includes all functional training videos.

In addition, a set of videos has been published to help logistic service providers in administration of their account on SAP Business Network for Logistics:

The new admin videos are all available through the admin training playlist. Both playlists are linked on SAP Help Portal from the SAP Business Network Logistics Provider, basic membership page that we launched as a central entry point for logistic service providers a few months ago.

Please share and amplify our new features and assets!


The above summarizes the key innovations for 2402. We hope you enjoy the new capabilities. Thanks for reading the blog post and stay tuned! 

A full overview of the 2402 release can be found in the following link.

To learn more about SAP Business Network for Logistics visit SAP - Business Network for Logistics.

For further questions and feedback related to the blog, please check the Q&A area and feel free to post your questions in the link with the tag SAP Business Network for Logistics.