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This blog provides an overview of key innovations in the 2402 Release of SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration.


On February 18th 2024, we released exciting new SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration innovations for our customers.

Let me share some of the key highlights from the SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration 2402 Release.

Key Features

Mapping of backend business partners to network business partners

  • Maintain the mapping between an external organization and a network business partner in SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration
  • Efficiently and automatically share business objects that are replicated from an SAP ERP external systems with external business partners
Key Benefits:
  • Enhance ERP integration
  • Enhance automatic sharing of technical objects with external business partners

SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration provides a unique Business Partner record for each external company you are collaborating with. On the contrary, in your SAP backend system, you can usually find multiple Business Partner records for each external company. This is usually due to inconsistent data maintenance and quality in your backend system over the last years. It is a matter of fact that multiple records for the same vendor or customer have been created with different legal forms, geographical identifications or simply typos in the company name.  Creativity knows no bounds here! Or maybe you have strict internal guidelines and policies on the creation and maintenance of Business Partner records in your backend system and each external company has only single record but the name of the external company in your backend system differs from the name of the same company in SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration.

With the 2402 Release, SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration provides an efficient way to map your backend Business Partner records (i.e. External Organizations) to the corresponding single record in SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration. By replicating of technical and transactional objects with assigned External Organizations (sold-to-party, ship-to-party, etc.) from SAP ERP to SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration, the corresponding Network Business Partner is identified and the automatic sharing of the object is triggered if a proper Automatic Sharing Pattern is active.


Templates for Groups


Provide templates for the group object to maintain and share attributes related to groups for:

  • Asset data foundation for asset definition, commissioning, and maintenance
  • Collaborative asset management and maintenance among group members
Key Benefits:

Enhance capabilities to maintain attributes specific to groups by empowering users such as operators, manufacturers, and service providers with a single network to:

  • Achieve resiliency and transparency across the asset lifecycle
  • Improve asset commissioning and streamline work order processing

The Group object in SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration can be used to technical objects, master data and transactional data for a specific scope. Different types of Groups (Fleet, Training, Handover and Commissioning, Project, etc.) are provided. With the SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration 2402 Release you can create Group Templates (under the application Templates > Generic Templates) to define and maintain Groups' metadata in terms of attribute groups and attributes. The Group Templates can then be consumed to maintain values of attributes related to a specific Group (f.e. validity data, approval status). Group Templates can then be shared, together with the corresponding Group, with external business partners if this supports a specific collaboration scenario.


Select Option for Sharing Dependent Objects


By sharing objects with many dependent objects (i.e. deep structures, documentation) you can now decide to share only the primary objects or part of/all dependent objects

Key Benefits:

Enhance performance and control of sharing complex technical objects


By sharing technical objects and the related transactional data, you can now decide if you want to share only the parent objects (f.e. equipment, functional locations) or part of/all dependent objects (i.e. equipment structures, templates, documents). The share feature is enhanced both from the Network Authorizations application and from the respective object pages.


Minor Innovations

  • You can edit the header data and information of a published group only when you change its status to in-revision. You can view the latest version of Group object (that is, in in-revision or published state) on the Shared With tenant on manual sharing.
Work Orders:
  • In order to harmonize the work order status mapping in the SAP S/4HANA system and the SAP Business Network asset Collaboration system, you can now filter the work orders based on their status in the work order list page.
  • The Export to Spreadsheet and Export As features are now available in the work orders list page.
  • You can now view the consolidated execution progress of the work order-operations on the Manage Work Order list page and on the work order object page in the Order Progress column.
External IDs:
  • You can now add external IDs with Object Type Material in the External IDs table of the respective business object. APIs are also enhanced for the same.
ERP integration:

Implement the SAP Note 3410735 to enhance the integration with SAP EAM for the following:

  • You can now view all the events that are created for accepted confirmations in SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration so that you can consume them to create confirmations in the ERP system. The events will also be available in the Inbound Transaction Monitor.
  • When you assign a document to a work order operation in SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration, the document will now be replicated to SAP EAM.

Upcoming Innovations

Following exciting innovations are planned for the upcoming release of SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration:

  • ERP Inbound Replication of Standard Header Fields for Equipment and Functional Locations
  • Automatic Sharing of Work Orders
  • ERP Inbound Replication for Work Orders


Submit innovation requests

We encourage you to visit the SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration Customer Influence Portal to submit improvement requests.