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This blog post provides an overview of key innovations in the 2210 Release of SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration. On October 18, 2022, we released exciting new SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration innovations for our customers.

Let me share some of the key highlights from the SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration 2210 Release:-

Latest Innovations – Master Data Handover

Semantic Reference for Code List

  • New section on Code List that can be used to enter an additional reference to other objects (e.g., a similar object in  another industry standard).

  • The semantic reference is a text field (with special characters allowed) which can be filled via UI or API.

  • The semantic reference gets shared together with its
    parent template object, but it can only be edited or
    deleted by its owner.

Mass Attributes Values Update for Models – Mass values deletion

  • With this feature it is possible to clear the values of attributes for a filtered set of models

Failure Modes for Functional Locations

  • We can now assign Failure Modes at the functional location level that can be then used by external service providers to create follow up notifications.



Latest Innovations – Collaborative Maintenance and Service

Failure Modes assignment to Notifications for Functional Locations

  • A technician can now create notifications for Functional Locations using the Failure Modes assigned to the Functional Location.

Type ahead search for Notification Creation

  • A user can now just type the name/id of the object they want to create a notification for to see the recommended objects.

  • This feature helps to reduce the number of steps required to find the right object to create the notification for.

Shared With & Collaborative Status Information Work Order List

  • Now the operators can see the service provider information to whom they have shared the operations with.

  • They can also see the collaboration status maintained by the service providers on their respective operations.

Confirmations in Work Order Detail Screen

  • With this feature confirmations are directly displayed on the work-order detail screen in order to be reviewed.

  • This feature enables operators to have an overview of all the confirmations that have been provided for the assigned operations to the order.

Simplified Document Assignment for Collaborative Maintenance

  • With this feature document assignment is simplified by pre-filling all the required fields for the creation process.

  • Main Category field is defaulted by Inspection, Maintenance.



Latest Innovations – Enterprise Readiness

Free text Manufacturer search for Equipment

  • With this feature the Equipment can be searched based on free text Manufacturer along with Manufacturer ID in Equipment search app.

QR code scanning from mobile browser

  • QR code scanning is now enabled for mobile browsers.

  • No need for SAP Fiori Client installation for QR code scanning on mobile devices.


Detailed information could be found in the following link.

The above summarises the key innovations for 2210, We hope you enjoy the new capabilities in this release .Thanks for reading the blog post and Stay tuned! To learn more about SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration visit SAP- BusinessNetwork- AssetCollaboration

For further questions and feedback related to the blog, please check the Q&A area and feel free to post your questions in the link with the tag SAP Business Network for Asset Management.