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The 24th version of the SAP Best Practices for SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain is now available and as usual it comes with a lot of enhancements and improvements.

Here the highlights of the 2108 release:

Enhancements and changes for Sample Model SAPIBP1

Let me start with the sample planning area for time-series based planning SAPIBP1. We spend quite some time and effort every release to apply the latest and greatest features to the SAPIBP1 planning area, to include customer feedback and to make is easier and simplier.

Let me just mention the two biggest topics for 2108:

  • First we introduced a new order model for demand sensing to reduce significant the data volume.

  • As a second topic I would like to mention the new copy option for SAPIBP1 called “create new by partial copy”. With this option you copy only the essential master data types, attributes, and planning level attributes needed for SAPIBP1-related processes in demand planning, demand sensing, inventory optimization, and supply / sales and operations – this makes your planning area leaner and faster.

As always you can find the detailed description of all changes HERE.

Sample Model Entities app: Create new by partial copy


New IBP for demand – new product introduction scope item

The new IBP for demand – new product introduction scope item describes two variants for introducing new products with reference products using the manage product lifecycle app. You can find the test script and additional information here.

Manage Product Lifecycle app


New chart for IBP for demand - demand planning scope item

The IBP for demand - demand planning scope item has been enhanced with a new chart showing how planning notes are used in charts and with an example for key figure editability. If you want to use this feature, you can take a look at our example and use it as a base for your individual use case.

Chart showing planning notes


Updated IBP for sales and operations scope items

We updated all sales and operations scope items now using SAP Work Zone as collaboration tool – substituting SAP JAM. SAP Work Zone provides a personalized, integrated digital workplace experience across multiple touch points.

SAP Work Zone


IBP for inventory scope items simplified

The IBP for inventory and IBP for inventory – scenario planning scope items have been simplified by using the new multi-stage optimization and target inventory components algorithm.

Procedure Playbook in IBP for response and supply - response planning 

We enhanced the IBP for response and supply – response planning scope item with a preconfigured procedure playbook to assist users when resolving alerts. The procedure playbook provides explanations for each step and links to additional documentation or to apps – to guide the user through the process. With that you can not only help inexperienced users, but also standardize the way how your planners should solve specific situations. You don't have to create this example manually - it's part of the SAP7 sample planning area. This means if you copy SAP7 including the "Copy Analytics and Alerts" flag, you get this example automatically and you can adapt it to your needs.

Procedure Playbook in Intelligent Visibility app


Planner Workspace new in IBP for response and supply - deployment planning - optimizer

Last but not least, we enhanced and simplified the IBP for response and supply – deployment planning – optimizer scope item using the Planner Workspace, a  unified workspace for planners to plan, simulate and respond to their business scenario from a consolidated user interface.

Planner Workspace


The news for SAP Best Practices for SAP Integrated Business Planning 2108 are also captured in this video.

Check out this video to learn what SAP Best Practices for SAP Integrated Business Planning can do for you.

To view and download more information for free, please go to  SAP Best Practices Explorer