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This blog post provides an overview of key innovations in the 2202 Release of SAP Asset Intelligence Network. On February 20, 2022, we released exciting new SAP Asset Intelligence Network innovations for our customers.

Let me share some of the key highlights from the SAP Asset Intelligence Network 2202 Release:-

Latest Innovations – Master Data Handover

Sharing of Nested Structures

  • Possibility to share Nested Structures as part of a Template ​with read or write privileges and with grant to share.

  • This is provided from the Template object page as well as in the Network Authorizations application.

  • This is provided also by sharing Models and Equipment whose Templates are adopting Nested Structures.

  • Along with a Nested Structure its associated business objects (e.g. other nested structures, attributes) can also be shared.

Latest Innovations – Collaborative Maintenance and Service

Visualising Notification and Work Order information from external ERP systems

  • AIN pre-delivers few codes for work order type, work order status, work order priority, notification types and so on.

  • Mapped ERP Code against the AIN Codes are displayed in the ERP Information Section of Work order and Notification

Sharing Notifications and Work Orders with corresponding Functional Locations

  • Associated object like Documents, Equipment can be shared along the object while sharing them.

  • We have added associated Functional Location as well for the while this object.

Work Order Confirmations

  • Create Confirmation for an Operation.

  • Confirmations for an Operation can be created by Business Partners in the Confirmation Section of the Operation object pages.

Work Order Confirmations Review

  • Confirmation review by Operation owner.

  • By creating new improvement request of type Confirmation Review enables owner of Operation to review the posted Confirmation.

Latest Innovations – Enterprise Readiness

Tenant Data Refresh for Functional Locations, Work Orders and Notifications

  • Tenant Data Refresh now supports:

    • Work Orders

    • Notifications

    • Functional Locations

  • The objects can be selected under General Application Settings > Tenant Data Deletion in the Application Settings application

  • Applicable for Dev and Test tenants.

ERP-specific Tenant Data Refresh

  • Within Tenant Data Refresh, you can now choose to delete data synchronised with specific ERP external systems.

  • When you have multiple ERP systems configured with SAP Asset intelligence Network data, you can choose only one system from which you want to delete the tenant data.

  • Applicable for Dev and Test tenants.


Additional 13 new document extensions

  • Additional 13 new document extensions are now supported:

    • .ap14, .ap16, .bin, .ctconf, .bmp, .mdf, .ldf, .bak, .nvram, .vbox, .vmsd, .vmx, vmxf

Model Search UI

  • New application tile available for model search based on Elastic Search.

  • The new UI has been enhanced to display the filters in the left pane of the screen.

  • The model data are listed in a tabular format with separate columns for the different fields.

  • Same touch and feel as the Equipment Search UI.

Additional 12 languages both for UI and documentation

  • We have added the following new language to our portfolio:

    • Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Bulgarian, Dutch, Hebrew, Norwegian, Swedish, Croatian, Greek, Thai, Malay, Turkish

Provide External ERP System as additional column in Equipment Template selection window

  • If the SAP ERP Synchronisation is enabled by assigning a template to the Equipment, the user can now view the relevant SAP ERP system associated with the Equipment template.

Detailed information could be found in the following link.

The above summarises the key innovations for 2202, We hope you enjoy the new capabilities in this release .Thanks for reading the blog post and Stay tuned! To learn more about SAP Asset Intelligence Network visit asset-intelligence-network

For further questions and feedback related to the blog, please check the Q&A area and feel free to post your questions in the link with the tag SAP Asset Intelligence Network.

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