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You are in SAP GUI 730 Patch Level 10.

You use the Detailed Scheduling Planning Board in APO.

You have maintained custom Context Menu entries in the customizing for the Planning Board Profile (transaction /SAPAPO/CDPSC2).


In this scenario, it is possible that, when you right click an object (like an Activity/Operation) in a chart (like the Resources Chart) and choose an option from the Context Menu, the wrong function will be executed.


Examples are:

- you right click an activity and choose "Undo Colored Highlighting" - instead of undoing the colored highlighting, the activity is hidden.

- you right click an activity and choose an option in the context menu, however no actions are executed

- you right click an activity and choose "Undo Fixing" - instead of unfixing the activity, the system tries to find alternative resources instead of unfixing the activity


There is a known issue with SAP GUI 730, Patch Level 10, which can cause this.

The issue should be solved with SAP GUI 730 Patch Level 11.

SAP GUI 730 Patch Level 11 is estimated to be released in Week 46 (10th to 14th of November 2014), as per note 1053737.