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Asset operators in many different industries are moving from a reactive to a proactive approach to maintenance. This is especially true for asset-heavy Oil&Gas companies and Utilities. The move towards condition-based and predictive maintenance is on the one hand side driven by business challenges such as a pressure to optimize costs, risks and performance and on the other side by technology enablers that are now available: The Internet of Things, the performant analysis of big data and improved machine learning capabilities allow a predictive maintenance approach for all relevant assets on a very granular and up-to-date data basis. Therefore SAP released - based on many customer specific projects - the SAP Predictive Maintenance & Service (PdMS) solution last year.  An Add-on with specific functionality for utilities is available as well, an add-on for oil&gas is in preparation.

At the “International SAP Conference for Utilities and Oil&Gas” we will run a pre-conference workshop on how Utilities and Oil&Gas companies use Predictive Maintenance to optimize their Maintenance Strategy. In the workshop you will gain a deeper understanding of the SAP PdMS solution, get insights on how it provides business value and learn about experiences from various customer projects.

Ín addition, on the first day of the conference a joint presentation about the Accenture and SAP approach towards Digital Asset Management will take place as part of the Internet of Things track. This presentation will also focus on the optimization of the asset life-cycle with Predictive Maintenance.