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In a recent customer implementation project, a question came up on why the number of Product ID records in the filter drop-down in the Analytics Web User Interface was not the complete set of records. The user could see the entire list in the excel planning view filter but not on the Analytics screen. See screenshot example below:

The reason is that there is a parameter in Global Configuration (see Model Configuration Guide at SAP Integrated Business Planning 5.0 – SAP Help Portal Page) called MAX_ATTR_VALUES which limits the number of attribute values returned by the search in any drop-down in the Analytics web user interface. By default, this parameter is set to 50. This parameter can be changed to display the desired number of attribute values in the drop-down. Please see screenshots below for a step-by-step approach. A related Global Configuration parameter is called MAX_RECORDS which sets a limitation to the number of records that can be displayed in a chart in the Analytics application.

To change these parameters:

Step 1: Click on the Configuration Fiori tile

Step 2: Click on Manage Global Configurations step under Start Here

Step 3: Click on the new icon if you do not see the Parameter already listed. This will give you a pop-up window where you can select Analytics in the Parameter Group and the Parameter Name of interest and finally enter the value. If the row already exists for the parameter you can change the value in the field directly and hit save.

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Hii Atul,

Increasing number of records, will it hamper any performance of the chart ?