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They say knowledge is power. Previously, one had to jump through a few hoops to get logs which imparted the knowledge of what was happening at a low level on the HANA server. They may have had to go to HANA studio and open the administration view with a user that had access to do so. Or perhaps they had to request that their system administrator get the logs for them which would be done on the administrator's timeline. There is now an option to generate the logs by first creating a role and granting it to a user and then simply running a URL in a browser.

I'm sure many of us have gotten an error similar to the following:

With this type of error message, obtaining logs is essential. Below I'll show how it's done.


1) Create a DEBUG role (only needs to be done once) in the S&OP web ui

2) Assign the newly created DEBUG role to the user wishing to generate logs:


1. Login to the Web UI with the user that has DEBUG access - https://<server>/sap/sop/ui/login.html

2. Once you log into the UI, you can launch one of the below URLs, in the same browser window, to get the error log (please note that if you don't have an error id, just use the first URL).

To return last 200 lines of the error log:


To get the error log neighboring the error id “0bc82458-719d-47fc-b2b9-2a1cb9c606d6”


I hope this empowers you in your use of S&OP on HANA.