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In many enterprises, project management remains a standalone task that exists outside of a company’s transportation management productive system. That’s because a project manager – a role traditionally closer to the engineering folks than to the staff in transportation or logistics - is responsible for planning, structuring, and tracking the execution of a project. But over time, the planning and execution of projects has grown more complex. Additionally, given the global structure of many companies, these teams seldom share a single office location. Instead, they’re spread across different regions or even continents. The challenge for many organizations is that they need to connect with all of these teams throughout the different phases of a project, from planning through execution. But how, exactly, can they achieve this?

Bridge the Gap Between Project Management and Transportation Management

Project managers need a robust collaboration framework that allows them to orchestrate tasks and communicate with all involved parties, providing insight on which work package needs to be delivered, by whom, and by when.

Conversely, stakeholders, customers, and project team members must have around-the-clock access to real-time project information.

SAP Early Adopter Care Program Is the Answer

The Early Adopter Care Program Transportation Management 9.4 which is released in November 2016, enables businesses to:

Focus on close collaboration with SAP to ensure successful rollout of the latest innovations. The benefits are close relationship with SAP´s Transportation Management Development and Early Adopter Care Team.

  • The Early Adopter Care Program is designed for you for no additional costs

  • The team will support a successful project implementation and provide insight to you

  • Dedicated project coach will be assigned to your project for no additional costs

  • SAP´s Development Organization will monitor your customer messages

  • You will have access to SAP´s Learning Hub for three months for five users for no additional costs

  • You will play a pivotal role providing product and services related feedback

  • You will use the SAP Incident Wizard in the SAP Support Portal for support messages. Specific prefix in the short text description will be set to enable rapid identification of your messages

To help you quickly learn and implement SAP´s innovations, we would like to invite you to be part of the Early Adopter Care Program for SAP Transportation Management 9.4.

Get started today and register here.

You need S-User in order to access the registration tool. If you are not an SAP Customer please contact the Account Team