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I joined SAP product support team in China in my thirties. Before that, I have worked on several software projects, including another ERP system.

After joined SAP, I regretted that I did not join SAP earlier.

Though as any other software systems, SAP has product bugs, undesired behaviors, missing functionalities, and unsatisfactory services in some cases, I still think SAP is a great company to work in and work with.

What impressed me most are that:

- SAP totally depends on its own products, comparing the outsourcing works in some other companies.

- SAP makes its wide range of software products under control, comparing to some software projects that become out of control when grow bigger and bigger.

- SAP keeps innovating  to make its products and services better, by collecting every ideas from every people.

- SAP focuses on customer success, and treats customer success as its own success.

Though as a support consultant in SAP who mainly provide remote services to customer, we rarely meet customer face to face, but we also get in touch with many customer from all over the world -- remotely. We experience different cultures, different types of people. We feel happy when  customer gets a satisfactory solution, and we feel regret when we could not meet their expectation. We're learning new knowledge as well as getting to know new people in our daily work, not only from the customers, but also from our experienced colleagues in Europe and other countries. I really had some nice experience during my work in SAP.

In the recent years, we emphasize more and more on KM (knowledge management) by provide KBAs, SCN Wikis, as well as help in SCN forums.

I think it is really a good idea to document every solution in KBAs. For many general questions, we always provide the same answer again and again to different customers in different customer messages -- why don't we just publish them? A small piece of KBA may help customer to get useful solution more efficient than using OSS messages.

In SCN forums and Wikis, we also can find many good and creative ideas from other experience consultants outside SAP, especially for those consulting questions which are not covered or limited covered by SAP support service. It is really a nice place to discuss, to learn, to communicate and to contribute.

Just hope everyone can make good use of our KM, finding out the helpful solutions here, and sharing your successful experience here :smile:

And all my best wishes to SAP's continuous success together with its customers' success!