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In a challenging and often disrupted market, manufacturers need automated, flexible processes that support risk-resilient and sustainable operations, while protecting the workforce and the environment.

To support its RISE with SAP customers, SAP is launching an advanced package for manufacturing on April 16th. This new offering includes end-to-end, automated, manufacturing execution, coupled with workplace safety and environment management solutions.

  • With SAP Digital Manufacturing, organizations optimize production by integrating execution, visibility, and analysis, with an employee-centric and resource-efficient approach.
  • Using SAP EHS for Workplace Safety they can build a predictive, proactive, and compliant workplace culture using advanced and automated hazard identification and risk mitigation.
  • And with SAP EHS for Environment Management, companies run efficiently with integrated waste management, a flexible and auditable emissions calculator, and real-time analytical tools for ESG reporting.

As the old saying goes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – these three solutions together, when integrated with your S/4 HANA Cloud ERP, connect to your business data and embedded analysis and insights to provide:

  • automated coordination of labor and skills
  • detailed tracking of labor (clock & direct/indirect)
  • sophisticated process enforcement and tracking
  • production tracking
  • deep integration with multiple business processes such as planning, quality management, and warehousing
  • order balancing based on real world status

The RISE with SAP advanced manufacturing package delivers safe and effective processes, orchestrates resources for maximum efficiency, improves workforce productivity, and optimizes production.

Click here for more information about this RISE with SAP offer.