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The text of the press release is below but you can visit the Artoni’s website for the official announcement.

Artoni Announces Successful Implementation Of SAP® Transportation Management 8.0
August 03 2011
Solution Helps Company Significantly Increase Capabilities and Speed Of Pricing and Billing Processes

REGGIO EMILIA, ITALY – August 3, 2011 –Artoni, an international transportation and logistics provider, today announced that the company has successfully implemented the SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) 8.0 application.
The solution has been deployed as part of Artoni’s new industrial plan, aimed at helping the company transform itself from a regional transportation business into a more service-oriented, greener, global logistics and transportation provider. In addition, SAP TM 8.0 is helping Artoni boost operational efficiencies and cut costs.

Through the deployment of SAP TM 8.0, Artoni has benefited from the automatic pricing and billing process capabilities provided, which has led to the company increasing its speed by more than 20 times, allowing it to manage and release more than 100,000 delivery notes a day. SAP TM 8.0 also handles key business processes for Artoni, such as planning, tuning of local and domestic distribution, as well as fleet and routing definitions. The SAP TM 8.0 application is a key pillar of the company’s new market approach, helping it to differentiate itself from the competition.

“Artoni is already benefiting from the extraordinary capabilities provided in SAP TM,” said Norberto Delendati, senior vice president, Operations and Technology, Artoni. "These capabilities are delivering to customers increases in performance, services and information.”

Artoni is expected to extend the implementation of SAP TM 8.0 to all of its 70 branches, partners and correspondence offices worldwide by the end of 2011.

For more information about the new 8.0 release of SAP TM, which is globally available now, click “SAP Ships Transportation Management Software on Promise: 8.0 Version Now Globally Available”.