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I am delighted to share that today SAP announced a new collaboration between Verizon and SAP to create enterprise solutions that use Verizon’s network and platform capabilities integrated with the SAP Leonardo Internet of Things and SAP Edge Services solutions.

Partnering with the leading technology providers in the market is key pat of our strategy in SAP and with this announcement we continue our mission to create and support a strong IoT ecosystem based on the principle of openness and choice allowing our customers to have more business agility and achieve even higher levels of transformational value.

SAP’s customers can take advantage of Verizon’s new technologies, such as 5G, Software Defined Networking (SDN) and its Intelligent Edge Network capabilities, to accelerate their digital transformation and unlock the power of the Intelligent Enterprise.

In particular, 5G use cases combined with IoT are emerging in many industries such as industrial manufacturing, public sector, retail and healthcare to leverage the low latency and high bandwidth benefits. 5G offers latency of 1 to 5 milliseconds and bandwidths of up to 20Gbits/second.

With this new collaboration, SAP Edge Services is deployed to run on top of Verizon’s Multi Access Edge Compute (MEC) infrastructure on a powerful 5G network. Data is streamlined and processed closer to the application site allowing customers to take advantage of real time, high throughput and low latency operations at the Edge.

Additionally, customers can send data directly to SAP Leonardo IoT in the cloud from Verizon ThingSpace enabled Critical Asset Sensor (CAS) which monitors environmental conditions, for example temperature and location data. The information is ingested into SAP Leonardo IoT which correlates it with business data from the SAP digital core to provide a richer data-driven context allowing customers to better assess what’s happening in the day-to-day operations of their business.



Two scenarios highlighting how this new collaboration can be used to solve real world business challenges were demonstrated at MWC Americas.

  • A warehouse manager focused on quality control and quality assurance of high valued vaccines.

  • An outbound logistics manager responsible for ensuring vaccines are shipped under safe conditions into customers locations.


SAP’s collaboration with Verizon provides customers with more opportunities and alternative paths on their journey to become a best-run business leveraging 5G as a key technology enabler.