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Hi all,

This document contains uploading packaging spec.s with CVS file.

We use transaction /SCWM/IPU for uploading.

I prefer check SAP Note 1726759 also it contains sample CVS file.

If you don't have any sample file, you will create one packspec and then download that file.

In sample CVS document includes 5 rows. This means you will create 5 rows for each products. First cloumn, level of product. This letters meanings;

"H" - header data

"C" - content data

"L" - level data

"E" - level element data

"R" - condition record


1- Open transaciton /SCWM/IPU


2- Select CVS file and then execute transaction.


3- Check logs.

If every data is correct, all logs texts have green lights.

It is the easiest way to creation packspec.


Best regards.


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